/tem’pesCH(oo)es/, adj.

1.    Characterized by violent turbulence or disruption.

2.    Very stormy.


Don't Call us a gallery

Tempestuous provides services that go far beyond what a typical art gallery or agent provides. These services include:

  • Legal representation for Tempestuous' artists, collectors and enthusiasts, including monitoring for the illegal use of artwork, and litigation (when necessary)

  • A collective for art lovers that makes art accessible to everyone

  • Pricing assistance and market trend tracking that helps price fine art more in line with the dictates of the market

  • A creative space for artists, enthusiasts, and creatives to go and just be happy


Joanna Hogrefe, Founder

"At a young age, my father introduced me to art and I fell in love!" She's been creating ever since. In addition to being an artist, Joanna is an attorney with a master’s degree in economics and almost 10 years of experience consulting on tax elements of international transactions.

Last December, while in Italy, Joanna's infatuation in beauty created by artists was reignited. She began to reflect on the current state of the fine art industry and what she could do to change it. By leveraging her business and legal background, and applying it to her passion, she developed a model to reformulate how the fine art industry operates.


Ambrose Krapacs, Co-Founder

Ambrose is a software engineer and architect. He has focused his career on cutting edge software development, including building and re-building the platforms used by non-technology based start-ups. He started developing software applications for mobile devices before mobile applications became ubiquitous. He also has also designed and built large-scale back-end cloud services that can support millions of daily active users (or art enthusiasts?!?!).

As his picture suggests, Ambrose is also a passionate person. In addition to being an art enthusiast, Ambrose spends his time enjoying life in Colorado. He loves to ski, bike, camp, climb, hike, and practice yoga.